Save Time and Money

  • With Fixit you can find jobs nearby your current location.
  • Fixit will help you to navigate directly to your destination.
  • Fixit enables you to save advertising and promoting costs.

Increase Customers Satisfaction

  • No surprises – see the problem in advance with the help of a short video, pictures, and description.
  • Sceduale and charge your customers from your mobile devise.
  • Provide your customers accurate arrival time.
  • No need to mess with invoices. Fixit will issue an automatic receipt directly to your customers with the job completion.

Easy to Manage

  • Easy to register, only 3 steps and you are a registered professional!
  • Work when you want, with Fixit you’ve got freedom and flexibility to work whenever you have time.
  • Get paid on time directly to your bank account.
  • Keep track and record on the jobs you have provided.
  • Know how much you’ve earned every single moment.